What is The Last Adam about?

The Last Adam is a musical that reimagines the timeless story of Jesus and those surrounding him while revealing their raw humanity and how much we have in common with them. From the  Garden of Eden to the transformative moment of Jesus' Resurrection, this remarkable production invites you to embark on a journey delving into the depths of these iconic characters as never seen before.

What kind of music is in this show? 

Our show features a dynamic blend of musical styles inspired by beloved classics like Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera and Children of Eden. From stirring ballads to electrifying anthems, our music captivates audiences with its emotional depth and storytelling power. It sets us apart as a unique and compelling theatrical experience. Whether you're a fan of Broadway hits or biblical narratives, our music is the heart of our production, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Who is The Last Adam

Jesus. The first Adam brought darkness into the world but the second Adam would restore what was broken and give hope to the world.  Jesus would be The Last Adam.

Is this show religious?

While our production tells the story of Jesus and those who witnessed his life, it goes beyond those traditional  narratives. We explore the human aspects of Jesus and his companions, focusing on themes of love, compassion and restoration. Our goal is to offer a relatable and inclusive experience that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. Whether you're intrigued by this man Jesus, or simply drawn to compelling storytelling and exciting, new music, our show invites you to explore the universal qualities of love and humanity.

Can my family see this? Even kids? 

Our family-friendly production features music, new up to date choreography, and drama, but parents should note there are mature themes like struggles with despair, loneliness, fear and relational conflicts. We aim to provide transparency while still inviting families to enjoy the show and discuss its meaningful themes together.

How is this different from every other Jesus story/musical?  

Our production emphasizes the human side of Jesus and his followers, showcasing their relatable struggles and moments of hope. Experience original music that offers a fresh perspective on this timeless narrative.

What if I don't believe in God? Will I enjoy it still?

Absolutely! This musical encompasses inspired creativity and a unique lens in storytelling. Explore the complexities and beauty of our humanity, which we all share, in an experience that is sure to captivate you!

Where can we find more information on the show/writers/music/history?

Please visit our about page and read our story! We have worked so hard to launch The Last Adam’s first tour, and we are thrilled to continue this journey!

When will it be on Broadway?

Our ultimate goal is to bring The Last Adam to Broadway, and we firmly believe in its potential. Currently, we are on our first tour to expand our brand and attract further investment to fuel the growth of this original musical production. We plan to add more tours and welcome anyone interested in joining us on this journey to expand the unique experience of The Last Adam.
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