Our collaborative journey commenced in 2003 at the Holy Land Experience, where we began crafting theatrical productions together. Among these, The Last Adam stood out as our most ambitious endeavor, reimagining the Jesus story with characters embodying relatable flaws and virtues. Despite initial setbacks, divine intervention facilitated our reclamation of ownership and enabled us to refine the show's narrative.
In 2013, George's relocation to New York spurred us to adapt The Last Adam for a wider audience, infusing it with themes of universal hope and forgiveness. Despite facing challenges like the onset of COVID-19, our resolve remained steadfast, marked by the staging of two equity workshops and the creation of new musical compositions.
Through dedicated fundraising efforts, workshops, and performances, we've invested our hearts into this project, fashioning a musical score reminiscent of classic masterpieces while incorporating contemporary elements. Our aspiration extends beyond mere entertainment; we aim to deliver a transformative experience that has been 15 years in the making and is now poised for global sharing.
Each audience member has connected deeply with the human essence of our characters, finding reflections of their own struggles and triumphs within them. With unwavering conviction, we believe that The Last Adam possesses the potential to transcend generational boundaries, breathing new life into a story that has the ability to change your life.

The Writers

George Livings

George Livings, originally from London, England, holds a degree in Acting and Musical Theater from Mountview Theatre School. He has a rich background in West End productions such as Kiss of the Spider Woman, Blitz and Forever Plaid, as well as the lead roles in the UK National tour of Godspell and the German production of Starlight Express.

Upon relocating to Orlando, Florida, George served as the Director of Production at The Holy Land Experience, where he collaborated with Jonathan on various projects, including the conceptual concert of The Last Adam. Despite setbacks caused by COVID-19, George remained resilient, directing workshops and pursuing higher education with a focus on his Masters in Film Composition and Orchestration.

Throughout his career, George and Jonathan have crafted numerous shows and songs together, including eight children's musicals and mini musicals like "Centurion" and "Moses." Currently residing in Staten Island, New York, George serves as the Executive Director of Creative Arts at Salem Church, where he continues to pursue his passion for storytelling through The Last Adam.

With a vision to present the gospel in a unique and compelling way, George is dedicated to his role as a creator and director, finding fulfillment in his family life with his wife, Janeen, and their two sons, Alex and Jonah. Together, they embody the essence of George's dream to make a lasting impact through innovative musical theatre.

Jonathan Hickey

Jonathan Hickey, an award-winning writer and director, brings over 20 years of experience to theatrical and church productions. Graduating from Union University with a major in Vocal Performance, he later joined Stages Productions, touring professional children’s theater throughout Florida. Jonathan then contributed significantly to the production department at the Holy Land Experience, where he collaborated closely with George Alex Livings on various projects, including the development of The Last Adam.

In 2020, Jonathan was honored with a Suncoast Regional Emmy award for his work in short-form writing on the Together Again video, offering a humorous take on church-life during the Covid era. Continuing to produce and direct diverse projects, his recent endeavor, "The Good Friday Project," guides families through the final days of Jesus leading to his resurrection.

Residing in Winter Garden, Florida, Jonathan shares his life with his wife Joye and their five children. Passionate about nurturing the talents of others, he currently serves as a Creative Director at First Baptist Orlando, embodying his commitment to empowering individuals through their creative gifts.